Florida State Flag

It’s really none of my business to go around redesigning State flags, but I thought the State of Florida’s flag has been due for an overhaul for a long time. So as though I have nothing better to do than spend the days re-designing flags, here’s my new idea:

New Flag of Florida
A new Florida State flag modified to eliminate any potential reference to a Confederate battle flag.

When I lived in Florida some people posting in the comments sections of various websites would actually make the claim that the current design was NOT modeled after the Confederate battle flag. Come on people get real. Anyway my idea is to turn the red bars just a bit so there will now be no connection to the stars and bars at all.

The great thing is that if the flag were changed, it could be phased in. State and local governments, schools, etc. could replace the old flags as they wore out, since it would be very hard to tell the difference when hanging on a flag pole.

There are tons of political blathering all over the Internet, so I better not add more. But I am actually hopeful this time things that are not right may actually be addressed. I think the straw has broken the camel’s back. Good news but poor camel.

UPDATE 12-15-2022: I said bye bye Sunshine State a few years ago. Please pay no attention to this post. As far as I’m concerned Bugs Bunny can saw the State off and let it float away.


The First Post of a Rebuilt Website

If you happen to fall on this post at this date, you are looking at the first post of a newly re-built website utilizing WordPress.

My major accomplishment, a cross country move, occurred during the beginning of the whole Covid-19 situation. I am not sure the word “situation” is exactly right, but it does sound somewhat more pleasant.

I can’t believe the strangeness of the Miami/Los Angeles airports, or the few people actually on the plane. This may have changed as of today. I wouldn’t know since I have no intention of stepping on a plane for a while.

No Lines Airport Check-In
No Lines at Airport Check-In

Well dear readers, I am quite happy in my re-location. I am also glad I was able to focus my site rebuild. Stay tuned…

Mount San Jacinto mountain view
Mount San Jacinto mountain view

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