The First Post of a Rebuilt Website

If you happen to fall on this post at this date, you are looking at the first post of a newly re-built website utilizing WordPress.

My major accomplishment, a cross country move, occurred during the beginning of the whole Covid-19 situation. I am not sure the word “situation” is exactly right, but it does sound somewhat more pleasant.

I can’t believe the strangeness of the Miami/Los Angeles airports, or the few people actually on the plane. This may have changed as of today. I wouldn’t know since I have no intention of stepping on a plane for a while.

No Lines Airport Check-In
No Lines at Airport Check-In

Well dear readers, I am quite happy in my re-location. I am also glad I was able to focus my site rebuild. Stay tuned…

Mount San Jacinto mountain view
Mount San Jacinto mountain view

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I'm OK with this.