An “About” page needs to be inserted here! People and robot reading algorithms expect it, it needs to written. I will make one promise upfront and that is that this “About” page will not be written in third person. If you are expecting an artist’s CV, bio, or any other ostentatious crap I will prepare you right now that you probably be disappointed. But I am assuming you are just curious and I am happy to oblige your curiosity.

Art, be it visual, sound, moving images, dance, theater, etc., interests me in that it can be by-product of an altered consciousness. I have found that for me the inward journey and the hallucinatory image and sound from that experience is my driving force.

I have recently (as of my writing this “About” page which I hope occasionally gets updated or modified but probably won’t because I am not the perfect blogger) re-located to California from South Florida. I thought that is an important point to include. Not the rambling stuff in parentheses, but the re-location.

I make no apologies that I feel that there is a place for responsible use of drugs. I would emphasis the word responsible. But I would never recommend any drug to anyone for escape. Explore but not escape. And never in a dangerous setting.

Having gotten the first few blocks of text out of the way, let me talk about where I’m thinking I want to take myself in the rest of my life and what I am hoping to achieve.

I don’t like the rigid confines of contemporary art. Even though some may argue contemporary art is open to many things, the issue I have is not the artwork but the context. I am pragmatic when it comes to money, but not enamored with the art market and the politics that come with it. If you are, then more power to you.

The things I like to read in an artist’s blog is just stuff that happens and what the artist is thinking. I don’t want to read philosophy over the Internet. In fact, come to think of it, I don’t really want to read philosophy period. I really just want to look at pictures and videos and read text that talks about the pictures and text.

I’m originally from Virginia, lived in Washington DC, Florida, and now California. I refuse to have a C.V. My goal is to just do stuff and see what happens. Stay tuned…


portrait picture
What I looked like on July 9, 2020

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I'm OK with this.