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How have you arrived here? What are you looking for? Well I’m glad you are here no matter what good, evil, or serendipity brought you here. I’m an artist curious in exploring the mind, brain, technology, altered consciousness and psychedelic art. I’ve got a background in fine art and technology and I try to put both together.

Some projects just don’t work commercially but others do.

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  • Just What Is A Painting?
    My definition of a painting: A few brilliant strokes of paint to be found among a number of not so brilliant stokes of paint with a large number of useless strokes of paint added in a feeble attempt to correct the not so brilliant strokes of paint. Probably could include literature, film making, music composition … Read more
  • Having Faith in Your Art
    For some reason I ended up on surfing around videos of people proclaiming the need for self confidence in their creative output. Most of these posted videos tend to be aimed at young artists, or maybe people new to art making. I like to look at what I do objectively. I can see things that … Read more
  • Useless Information Regarding Art That Is Actually Quite Useful
    This post is yet another rambling bit of nonsense making no claims of sagacious insight, so you are now warned. First two unrelated thoughts which could make great sayings on coffee mugs, although the coffee mugs would have to be rather large. Very large coffee mug one: One thing that I keep telling myself is … Read more
  • Death By Coconut – A Mercifully Short Story With A Dubious Moral
    Orville Pickle knew the value of planning ahead, and had lived up to the high ideals of pragmatism he extolled to anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot. Mr. Pickle carefully planned a long career at the Acme Accounting Corporation, a large accounting firm known for its superior service to some of the largest multinational … Read more
  • Human Figure Compositions
    For some reason I had previously rarely incorporated human figures in my work. I decided to change that last year. I don’t think artists always “capture” a figure but rather they interpret via eye-brain-hand. The result is a sort of spiritual magic. So I am happy my life journey is taking me to this path. … Read more


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