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How have you arrived here? What are you looking for? Well I’m glad you are here no matter what good, evil, or serendipity brought you here. I’m an artist curious in exploring the mind, brain, technology, altered consciousness and psychedelic art. I’ve got a background in fine art and technology and I try to put both together.

Some projects just don’t work commercially but others do.

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  • Fruit of the Mind
    Interviewer: Would you explain why you added [some odd thing] to this work? Artist: Yeah that is rather strange. I don’t really know. Interviewer: What do you mean you don’t know? You made it didn’t you? Artist: Well yeah but I really don’t know what it means. Interviewer: That makes no sense at all. How… Read more: Fruit of the Mind
  • Ideas Coming Together
    Using my trusty cell phone camera I captured a recent digital print on canvas after unwrapping. Yes I know it’s blurry and the color from the snapshot is a little off. There is a bit more greenish tint in the real print. I was aiming for the green/red play of color. The colors of cell… Read more: Ideas Coming Together
  • Is There A Moral Here?
    One of the great things about working digitally is the ability to build a visual image library of oddly interesting images for collage and storing that library in a very very tiny space on our friend the hard drive. Well dear readers, the previous sentence should now win an award for the most rambling opening… Read more: Is There A Moral Here?
  • A Solution to a Problem
    It blows my mind how printing technology has evolved. I love the power of paint on canvas, and I suppose it will always live on. Photography tried to kill it over 100 years ago but as though it were some sort of life form it evolved and survived. But archival printing on canvas offers a… Read more: A Solution to a Problem
  • Just What Is A Painting?
    My definition of a painting: A few brilliant strokes of paint to be found among a number of not so brilliant stokes of paint with a large number of useless strokes of paint added in a feeble attempt to correct the not so brilliant strokes of paint. Probably could include literature, film making, music composition… Read more: Just What Is A Painting?


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