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How have you arrived here? What are you looking for? Well I’m glad you are here no matter what good, evil, or serendipity brought you here. I’m an artist curious in exploring the mind, brain, technology, altered consciousness and psychedelic art. I’ve got a background in fine art and technology and I try to put both together.

Some projects just don’t work commercially but others do.

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  • Human Figure Compositions
    For some reason I had previously rarely incorporated human figures in my work. I decided to change that last year. I don’t think artists always “capture” a figure but rather they interpret via eye-brain-hand. The result is a sort of spiritual magic. So I am happy my life journey is taking me to this path. […]
  • It’s Been A While
    Obviously I am not the most prodigious blogger of all time as over a year has passed from my last update. Fear not for I am back. For those who may have attempted contacting me via the contact form and not been able to due to technical errors, I hope I have resolved that problem. […]
  • Just a Picture and Some Art
    Alright hold on for another “what a nice view” cell phone picture. The Internet is filled with them and here’s another: I like the outdoors, hiking and so on so I figured a view of the valley would do no harm. Below are two recent digital images I had printed. I think the darker backgrounds […]
  • New Work Aluminum Prints
    One of my objectives with this site was just to simply write about what I was doing at the time without needless fanfare and pretension. My theory is that people who may be interested in what I am doing and would like that better. I usually work on several creative projects at a time, that […]
  • The Tomb of the Sacred Object
    Well sometimes I have questions about the life cycle of an art object. I am generally okay with its creation from the deep recesses of the human mind, soul, heart, or whatever but am not sure how it is supposed to live its life. If it is a meal or performance it obviously dissolves into […]


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