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One of my objectives with this site was just to simply write about what I was doing at the time without needless fanfare and pretension. My theory is that people who may be interested in what I am doing and would like that better.

I usually work on several creative projects at a time, that way they all stay fresh. I had been curious about digital or photograph printing on aluminum after reading up on it. The advantage over printing on paper is that there is no need for framing with glass, and according to research, the color should last for well over 60 years, maybe longer. The problem with the research is that until we invent a time machine and go forward in time and look at a piece of artwork in the future, we really don’t know for certain. But I feel it is probably responsibly archival enough since we will probably be dead by the time the color shows any fading. Unless the secret of life is discovered and we all can live 500 years. But if the secret of life is discovered we probably won’t care about print archival issues.

The first print came out very well on aluminum.

Rota1 Aluminum Print
Rota 1
digital print on aluminum
20″ x 20″ (50.8 cm x 50.8 cm)

The square shape works more sculptural on the wall. Even though I was calling it a “mandala”, it is obviously not a perfect pattern leading to the center. I sort of twisted the concept a bit I guess.

The next ended up a bit more psychedelic.

Rota2 Aluminum Print
Rota 2
digital print on aluminum
20″ x 20″ (50.8 cm x 50.8 cm)

Haven’t gotten it back yet, hope I didn’t break anything.

The next of these three seems to have come out with a different personality.

Rota3 Aluminum Print
Rota 3
digital print on aluminum
20″ x 20″ (50.8 cm x 50.8 cm)

A bit more subdued then the previous, with a bit of mid-century modern.

The Tomb of the Sacred Object

Well sometimes I have questions about the life cycle of an art object. I am generally okay with its creation from the deep recesses of the human mind, soul, heart, or whatever but am not sure how it is supposed to live its life. If it is a meal or performance it obviously dissolves into the cosmos. Or the digestive tract. But what of a sculpture of clay, stone or metal? What should happen to creative content embedded into a physical object? Fear not dear readers. As you have chosen to utilize what ever small portion of your life on this planet reading this blathering artist post, you shall be soon enlightened. Or perhaps not, no guarantees here.

I basically enjoy museums. I don’t like the admission charge, but that’s another story. It is curious how museum directors keep hoping from job to job. Are there perhaps some politics in play within the institutions of culture? Say it ain’t so! Well anyway to the matter at hand. The “sacred” object.

First let me bring you an illuminating graphic, created with almost no concern as to its truth:

how art stuff works

At one point in human history, perhaps several points, the museums were born. They evolved from cabinets of curiosities to the tombs of the sacred.

Continuation of Mandala

Since I had posted this a few days ago, I have filled it out a bit more. What I am looking for is it to totally fill its space so the eye can drift in and out of the center.

Mandala in Progress
Unfinished mandala showing its life before completion, July 14, 2020.

My goal is to print this digitally, open edition, about 20 inches each side. If successful I may try another at a larger size, we’ll see. The unique thing about a square is that it loses the window like feel of a portrait of landscape rectangle. That’s good. I am looking to be sculptural when it gets to the wall.

This is sort of odd, documenting like this. We will see where things go later.


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