Continuation of Mandala

Since I had posted this a few days ago, I have filled it out a bit more. What I am looking for is it to totally fill its space so the eye can drift in and out of the center.

Mandala in Progress
Unfinished mandala showing its life before completion, July 14, 2020.

My goal is to print this digitally, open edition, about 20 inches each side. If successful I may try another at a larger size, we’ll see. The unique thing about a square is that it loses the window like feel of a portrait of landscape rectangle. That’s good. I am looking to be sculptural when it gets to the wall.

This is sort of odd, documenting like this. We will see where things go later.

The Fingers of the Digital

I sincerely hope, dear readers, my post can live up to the clever title.

One of the nice things about writing, especially online, is you can magically take the reader to see the world from a thousand year time span. A mere thousand years ago a creative image needed to be embodied into physical object, be it a painting, stone sculpture, wood carving, etc.

Then (as they say) came photography. Those invested in painting tenaciously argued it to be a mere mechanical trick, a cheating machine, not worthy of a true art form. Of course on our insightful perch of the 21st century we can see the early detractors were misguided at best. Along with photography came its offspring, moving pictures, later to grow up into the culturally influential cinema.

Then (as they say again) came digital. Actually the idea of digital encoding of a creative product. Film can not last and has a limited life as a vessel of culture. Indeed multiple efforts are underway to digitize the most important creative work on film, be it cinema or visual photographs. But the most important thing about the nature of digital is that it can liberate the visual artist from the object.

I wasn’t sure that showing things that are in progress was a good thing or not, then decided in favor. I’ve got several things going but one thing that I’m sort of energized about is building mandala like meditative images that can be re-produced. Below is just to show something visual and give the tired brain a break from the verbose. I usually work on several things at a time. This is still in an evolving state.

Mandala in Progress
Unfinished mandala showing its life before completion, July 9, 2020.

I only wish I had a picture of a garden to insert here so I could include it with my new poem:

Things look great, the garden’s growing. Santa Claus is busy hoeing.

That has nothing to do with anything, but I just thought it was somewhat important to include.

Florida State Flag

It’s really none of my business to go around redesigning State flags, but I thought the State of Florida’s flag has been due for an overhaul for a long time. So as though I have nothing better to do than spend the days re-designing flags, here’s my new idea:

New Flag of Florida
A new Florida State flag modified to eliminate any potential reference to a Confederate battle flag.

When I lived in Florida some people posting in the comments sections of various websites would actually make the claim that the current design was NOT modeled after the Confederate battle flag. Come on people get real. Anyway my idea is to turn the red bars just a bit so there will now be no connection to the stars and bars at all.

The great thing is that if the flag were changed, it could be phased in. State and local governments, schools, etc. could replace the old flags as they wore out, since it would be very hard to tell the difference when hanging on a flag pole.

There are tons of political blathering all over the Internet, so I better not add more. But I am actually hopeful this time things that are not right may actually be addressed. I think the straw has broken the camel’s back. Good news but poor camel.


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