Artist Statement

I get pleasure in creating works that are built using computer scripts and programs. While I feel it is totally appropriate to make use of computer technology, I am not inclined to make art exclusively about computer technology. To me the result of the latter is something akin to carnival spin art, fun to look at for about ten seconds.

I feel it is important to incorporate the full spectrum of who we humans are in the universe. I think our story is violently colorful, occasionally frightening, or pleasantly meditative. To create this story we need to pull randomly from our minds using the unique complex internal algorithms of the brain.

One fascination I have is with the amazing magic of random possibilities. To apply a random mechanism into art one must find the right balance, otherwise the result is a cacophony of muddy mediocrity. It is like a throw of the dice, evaluate, and then use or discard.

Artists and musicians have a unique ability to understand the abstract concepts that are important to writing computer programs. Computer code is an internal conceptual sculpture tied to reality via machine instructions. But I strongly believe the computer is the employee and artist is the boss.

- Howard Winston, 2011